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Teacher of the Year


Rochelle Manz

From Principal, Tony Peters: (paraphrased)

What truly separates Rochelle Manz is that she understands what makes good schools great is the willingness to see each and every student in the school as an individual.  She is the first person go above and beyond her assigned duties and do what’s best for ALL students at Brent.  She volunteers to tutor students in other grades, participate in our Saturday camps, and assist in any way possible to ensure our students are receiving the instruction they need. If she sees a student in need of material items, encouragement, a simple hug, she doesn’t hesitate.  Rochelle Manz is the Brent Elementary 2015 Teacher of the Year.

Paraprofessional of the Year


Diane Gurley

From Principal, Tony Peters:

Coach Gurley is always looking for ways to help or make something better. She volunteers for extra campus assignments and is genuinely excited to see our kids.  They feel welcomed by her as she works to recognize their strengths. Coach Gurley treats all of her students like they are her own – and her “heart of gold” shines for each student, coworkers and her family. Diane Gurley is the Brent 2015 Paraprofessional Lobo Team Member of the Year.


Lobo Leader of the Year